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  • Decision effectiveness & organizational capacity diagnostic: This quick-hit diagnostic involves an online survey backed up with in-person interviews to assess the organization's overall decision performance and benchmark against our database of more than a 1,000 organizations. It may be appropriate to supplement this with additional analyses such as deep-dives into particular organizational barriers, piloting individual decision x-rays or other analysis to fully understand what drives the value for the business and what issues the organization is facing.

    Time after time, we have found this diagnostic to generate key insights into the root causes of any decision failures. Assessing the current level of decision effectiveness is the first step to improving the organization's overall performance and will provide the foundation for further decision effectiveness improvement efforts addressing the key issues. Try out the online quiz to get an impression of the type of questions and insights our diagnostic might cover.
  • Decision effectiveness training workshop: We often find that a one-day workshop can give a real boost to an initiative to improve decision effectiveness. It allows us to introduce senior leadership to the key concepts and tools that underpin our 5-step process to improving decision effectiveness. It is fun, it is engaging and guaranteed to change your perspective on organizational performance.
  • Full engagement: A full decision effectiveness engagement will typically involve each of the 5 steps, though the approach would be tailored depending on the needs of your organization. Our approach provides a practical way to tackle some of your decision obstacles and will pave the way for better organizational performance.
  • Contact us to discuss what improving decision effectiveness might look like for your organization.